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Our Mission

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress.”

James 1:27

The Way will assist widows and orphans to thrive in a safe, disciplined and nurturing environment. The dedicated staff, in partnership with the Christian Community will encourage widows and orphans to engage in open communication, and present challenges that will lead them to accept responsibility and exceed their expectations. Both will develop self-confidence through success in academics,
small business, agriculture, and personal development.
Our Vision
“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life;
no one comes
to the Father
but through Me.”

John 14:6 
The Way is a center built on Biblical principles that will make known to widows and orphans the hope and the free gift of eternal life found through Jesus Christ. We will ask for eyes to see and ears to hear as we commit our ways to the LORD.
The Way Sierra Leone Rice Project
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Ebola Report from
Pastor Musa Kpaka
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List of Donations
It is a priviledge to be a part of God's work in Sierre Leone, Sherry Innes.
In honor of Marshall Reynolds.
How to Donate to the People of Sierra Leone and Liberia
With all the news coming to us about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia, you may have been inspired to help in some way from your own home. Below are groups who will be able to have your funds go directly to the needs of the people in Western Africa.

Our advice: Sending a monetary donation is the easiest way to give. You may want to make a box of store bought items and ship it yourself, but that option is difficult and may not arrive to those individuals who are in need.

As an individual, you may contact the groups that have set up a way to help. These organizations have reputable individuals who will use your funds to address the needs of our brothers and sisters in West Africa. Visit their websites for direct donation options:
  Bucket Brigade Against Ebola
  African Bible Colleges
  Restore Liberia
  IMB Connecting
  Samaritan's Purse
These donations are also tax deductible.

The Way
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